[GS-057] I Am A Science Faculty Who Loves Experimentation And Erotic Things, And Secretly Making A “Aphrodisiac”! But The Girl Has No Courage To Try And Can'T Produce Any Results ... However, One Day, As A Result Of A Girl Member Accidentally Drinking A Made Aphrodisiac ... The Ordinary Member Is Completely Transformed!

Maker: Sosoru × Garcon

Genres: High Vision, Nasty / Hard, School Uniform, Drag, Planning

Release: Aug. 06, 2016

Label: Sosoru

Idols: Miku Abe, Yumemi Yawn (Yumami Yawn, Nitta Yawn, Ogawa Madoka), Sana Moribo

Duration: 113 minutes

Director: Sweet Chestnut Paste